Karl Lokko on beating the odds and empowering others

Karl Lokko on beating the odds and empowering others

The man with the biggest heart I’ve met: Karl Lokko. Having him on Outside In was a real privilege. This man was a former London Gang Leader who started his life on a dark path despite a happy childhood.

- He witnessed a shooting aged 12, and quickly became drawn into gang life

- By age 16, he had been shot at, cut in the face and stabbed in the chest

- He was regularly armed whenever he left the house

But things changed when Pastor Mimi Asher, a fellow gang member’s mother, was  determined to stop young people being drawn into a life of crime.

She opened up her home as a sort of unofficial rehabilitation center, continuing even after a stray bullet went through her front door, which ultimately led to Karl turning his life around.

He is now Chairman of Black Seed, a VC fund specifically aimed at uplifting and supporting black founders, having raised £10m to invest in black-owned businesses

We’ll let Karl take it from here…

We cover:

  • Early years growing up
  • Gang Life
  • Pastor Mimi Asher
  • Turning his life around
  • Helping others with Black Seed VC

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